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At Scale-Upp Solutions, we understand that every business has its distinct challenges and aspirations.Our consultancy services are meticulously designed to address your specific needs, ensuring that you receive tailor-made solutions that drive meaningful results.

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Elevate the success of your teams, improve customer services, engagement management and reduce employee turnover.


Invest in leadership potential, for yourself or your team members, to take careers and aspirations to new heights.

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With over 17 years of hands-on experience in startups and scale-ups, I've seen it all – the challenges, the successes, and everything in between.I'm here to help you get the most out of your business. Whether that be streamlining your success through operational support and implementing new processes, or by helping you scale up and up-skill your current team, I can get you the results you want, fast.

transformative workshops

tailor made solutions

We offer bespoke solutions to support growing businesses. Book a call to discuss the in-depth needs of your organisation and a package can be tailored to your needs.

team support

elevate your customer teams

Create a stronger bond between your teams and your customers.Empower your customer support and success teams to excel. Through a deep dive discovery call and engaging workshops, we'll identify areas for enhancement and create successful strategies for customer engagement.

operational support

streamline your success

Streamline your operations and boost efficiency.After an in-depth consultation, we'll collaborate to refine your business processes, saving you both time and money. The package includes a deep dive call, workshops, team sessions, and a follow-up plan to ensure sustainable success.

leadership support

succeeding through situational leadership

Adapt your leadership style to any situation.In today's dynamic business landscape, leadership isn't one-size-fits-all, and navigating diverse teams can be a challenge. By the end of this workshop, you'll confidently make strategic decisions, empower your team, and foster a culture of excellence. Say goodbye to leadership headaches and embrace impactful, versatile leadership for a brighter future.

management support

inspire your teams' growth

Get your blueprint for employee progression.In today's competitive job market, attracting and retaining top talent is more challenging than ever. Without a clear path for career growth, your employees may feel unfulfilled, disengaged, and ultimately seek opportunities elsewhere. But picture this: our Employee Progression Framework workshop, where you'll learn to design a structured and inspiring growth plan for your team. By the end, you'll have a blueprint that not only cultivates loyalty and motivation but also fuels your organisation's success.

coaching support

your personal success path

Uncover your strengths and tap into your true potential.Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth. As your coach and mentor, I'll help you unearth your true potential and guide you toward your aspirations. With over 17 years of experience, I specialise in making the path to success feel like a friendly conversation – and the results speak for themselves.

Don't see the exact package you need?That's where my 17 years of expertise shine. Reach out, and together we'll craft a solution tailored precisely to your requirements.Want more of my time and expertise in your business?I'm available for contract work and fractional leadership positions too.

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case studies

facilitation in turbulent times

"We brought Peter in to help refocus the multiple teams in the department and improve cohesion during a time of complex transformation. Through numerous hands-on exercises, he facilitated open and honest communication among team members, fostering an environment of trust and collaboration. Peter’s engaging approach and insightful feedback were instrumental in breaking down silos and bridging gaps within our teams. By the end of the day, we could see a marked improvement in the synergy among colleagues, who were now more aligned and connected than ever. Peter’s seminar was educational and incredibly inspiring; he also gave us practical tools to maintain this newfound harmony moving forward”Paul McCourt, Head of Technology and Security Services at

improving customer operations

I was brought into assist the Head of Customer Operations at Octopus Electric Vehciles with keeping on top the day to day with their rapidly growing team, and to also suggest improvements as and when I saw fit to their existing processes and mode of operating.This 5 month engagement had me mentoring and coaching a number of the team leads and ops managers across the 90+ strong department, whilst also delivering on customer communication strategies and ensuring that business as usual processes were not only adhered to but updated and refined to become as efficient as possible.I'm now delivering team and operational support to the product team to help them reach their next level of success.


"Pete was a hugely influential figure in guiding me to the next position of my career. His profound expertise in leadership and situational management not only provided me with invaluable insights but also empowered me to navigate complex challenges with a heightened sense of impact and a broader perspective. His guidance has been instrumental in my growth and development."

William Cabral, Octopus Electric Vehicles

"Honestly the best manager I've had the pleasure of working with. During my time working with Peter he has gently pushed me into management through coaching and training. He has also worked with underperforming reports and successfully helped them become valued members of their team. I would gladly work with Pete again any time of the day."

Harald Maasen, Epic Games

"Peter played an integral part in mentoring me from the very beginning of my career in tech. Peter has the patience of a saint, he was always more than happy to answer my questions and provide support any time I needed it, and he fully respects autonomy which was hugely appreciated by the whole team. I can honestly say that I don't think I'd be the person I am today without his influence."

Molly Broughton, Huddle

"Peter’s support was the launchpad for some of the fastest professional growth of my career. He helped me with understanding my own value, managing senior stakeholders and fostering the potential of others. As a result I've becoming a more impactful leader. Peter’s experience and insight was invaluable when tackling some of the intricacies that come with large, rapidly scaling teams."

Alex Fox, Octopus Electric Vehicles

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